It turns out you really can make a movie about anything — just ask director Kevin Smith. He stopped by “The Arsenio Hall Show” Wednesday (Dec. 18) to talk about his newest film, “Tusk.”
“It’s a move about a guy who tried to turn another guy into a walrus,” Kevin says. “It came from this thing I read online.” It all started when Smith was chatting on a podcast with his friend, Scott Mosier. They found an online posting from someone looking for a roommate who would dress as a walrus once a day for free room and board. Sounds simple enough, right?
It turns out the posting was fake, which makes a lot of sense, but that didn’t stop Smith from spinning the idea off into what sounds like a pretty chilling horror movie about a human getting sewn into a walrus suit by a madman. “This is as stupid as ‘The Purge’. Why couldn’t this work?” he asks. He left it up to the Internet to decide whether or not to pursue the idea and the overwhelming response he got on Twitter was all it took. 
“Tusk” wrapped production in November, starring Michael Parks, Justin Long and Haley Joel Osment, and is heading to theaters in 2014.