kim kardashian kanye west gi Kim Kardashian and Kanye West pulled from plane by TSA in New York

Being Kim Kardashian or Kanye West has its perks. For instance, sometimes you get to skip security checkpoints at the airport. That happened to the pair today, on their return from Brazil. The couple landed at JFK International Airport in New York, to grab a connecting flight to L.A., when an American Airlines greeter noticed the pair, and let them skip a security checkpoint, according to TMZ, to get them onto their next flight quicker. 
The TSA, like most of the world, wasn’t too happy about that. When they found out, they stopped Kim and Kanye’s plane from departing, and pulled them from the flight to go through security properly. The plane was delayed by an hour, though American says the delay is not entirely Kim and Kanye’s fault, as they were also waiting on luggage to be loaded. It’s a bad cover story, but easier to explain than, “Hey, we have to wait for Kim Kardashian!”
The TSA doesn’t blame Kim and Kanye for the incident, but rather the airline employee who let them pass. They say the employee “violated security protocols by permitting the travelers to by-pass the TSA security checkpoint.”
Once they went back through security, Kim and Kanye boarded the plane again, and took off for home. American says they are working with the TSA in their investigation, chalking it up to “a lapse in judgement” by the employee.