urx unit loader Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's baby name: The top choices based on the odds
kim kardashian kanye west baby name odds gi Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's baby name: The top choices based on the odds

Since Kim Kardashian and Kanye West haven’t told the world the name of their new baby girl, the world is left guessing. Maybe some betting odds would help with that?

The novelty betting site from paddypower.com will let eager fans of the Kimye baby place bets on those names they think are most likely to be bestowed on the infant. This betting does sound a little odd, but the odds offered indicate which direction the wind is blowing.

What names are the most likely? Currently, the betting site has Kim as the top pick with 7:1 odds. Donda (the name of Kanye’s late mother) is in second place at 8:1. Kelsey and Kara are tied for third with odds standing at 9:1.

(Note: Odds given may vary at any given point. These reflect information available late on Monday [June 17].)

Why are so many “K” names doing well? A source close to the Kardashians told E!Online that the name will begin with that Kardashian-friendly letter.

The main K-names in the running, according to the odds are:

  • Kim – 7:1
  • Kelsey – 9:1
  • Kara – 9:1
  • Kalila – 13:1
  • Kerensa – 14:1
  • Kallista – 14:1
  • Katherine – 16:1
  • Kate – 16:1
  • Kimana – 18:1
  • Kris – 20:1
  • Kay – 20:1
  • Kaitlin – 25:1
  • Kimye – 25:1
  • Kelly – 25:1
  • Kristen – 25:1
  • Kinga – 33:1
  • Krishna – 33:1
  • Karim – 50:1
  • Kakav – 50:1
  • Katarina – 50:1
  • Keiko – 50:1

Yes, Kimye has the same odds as Kelly and Kristen.

For those of you still hoping for a direction pun on little baby West’s name, North is still doing well at 10:1 odds, with South right behind at 12:1. Oddly, West (20:1) is destroying East (50:1). They wouldn’t really name the poor kid West West, would they?

The world will find out soon enough!