king of the nerds season 2 winner finale 'King of the Nerds' Season 2 winner: Kayla LaFrance or Jack Hou, who won the prize?Time to crown the “King of the Nerds” for Season 2. The finale kicked off with the final four — Brian Davidson, Jack Hou, Xander Jeanneret and Kayla LaFrance — toasting that they made it to the finals.

The first challenge is a quiz bowl format. The first two people to answer five questions correctly are in the final nerd-off, while the other two are dunzo. Jack is the first finalist, getting to five correct answers after only six questions. The other three end up tied at 4 points going into the final question but only Kayla gets it right so it’s Kayla vs .Jack for the nerd title.

The final nerd-off was a crazy gauntlet of nerd activities, puzzles and games, as opposed to the Season 1 finale where the eliminated nerds got to vote on who won the $100,000 prize and it became a big popularity contest.

Both Jack and Kayla had troubles with the final gauntlet, but admittedly, the obstacles were tough. In the end, it came down to a very slim margin, but Kayla pulled it out, making her the second female in a row to win “King of the Nerds.” Perhaps they should change the show title to “Queen of the Nerds.”

Do you think the right nerd won, fans?