Kristen Bell is many things, but something she might not get enough credit for is how wonderful she is as a guest on talk shows. When the “House of Lies” star is scheduled to make an appearance, chances are it’s going to be memorable.
She’s celebrating a birthday Friday (July 18), so what better time to look back on some of her best talk show moments? From “Ellen” to “The Late Late Show.” she’s always working hard to keep people entertained.
She’s something of a regular fixture on “The Late Late Show.” In fact, at one point Bell decided she deserved a little bit of desk space.

She’s always at odds with Craig Ferguson’s skeleton sidekick Geoff, though.

Her most most infamous talk show moment might be that time she shared video on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” of her meltdown upon meeting a sloth.

There was also that time she got “Naked and Afraid.”

Of course, playing Pictionary with Demi Lovato and Steve Harvey on “The Tonight Show” was pretty entertaining too.