There seems to be no stopping “Frozen.” It’s the high-grossing animated movie of all time and has a soundtrack that still sits on top of the album charts. It sounds like it was almost an entirely different movie, though.
During a “Today” appearance on Thursday (May 8), star Kristen Bell admitted the movie was very different when she was first approached. “What’s funny is the original script wasn’t anything like this. It went through a lot of big metamorphoses,” she says. “What was cool is you could recognize the whole team behind it, they were committed to making something different and modern and committed to making it not about romantic love.”
The movie’s take on romance is something Bell finds very important, explaining, “All of the old cartoons are amazing but you don’t meet someone on the street and marry them the next day.” For her, the changes were worth it in the end, as “Frozen” “blossomed into this really beautiful project.”