urx unit loader 'Laughing baby' Micah McArthur teases 'Today' hosts, only smiles
laughing baby today 'Laughing baby' Micah McArthur teases 'Today' hosts, only smilesLet the record show that Matt Lauer isn’t even as funny as a torn piece of paper.

YouTube’s celebrated “laughing baby,” 8-month-old Micah McArthur, took his 5 million hits all the way to the set of “Today” on Mar. 4, and as much as Lauer and co-host Meredith Vieira tried to recreate the magic, Micah just wasn’t feeling it.

Honestly, we’ve got to give it to Micah for being even-tempered about the whole ordeal. If Matt Lauer fake sneezed in our face we’d go postal.

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