lindsay lohan wants lying to cops case dismissed gi Lindsay Lohan: Dismiss my lying to cops case, I wasn't Mirandized   report

Lindsay Lohan’s attorney has figured out a new way to try to get the actress out of charges that she lied to the cops. TMZ reports Mark Heller has filed a motion to have the case dismissed, claiming Lohan was never read her Miranda rights.
The problem with that is Lohan wasn’t in custody when allegedly lied to cops. It was last June when Lohan crashed her Porshe into an 18-wheeler truck. When first asked by police who was driving the car, Lohan reportedly put the blame on her assistant, who was riding with her. She later came clean, admitting she was behind the wheel.
Heller also filed a motion to suppress evidence, as well as one to continue the case. Lohan initially pled “not guilty” to the charges, after her probation for shoplifting was revoked. If the case goes to trial, and Lohan is found guilty, she’s facing up to 245 days in prison.