When the iconic TV series “Little House on the Prairie” makes its debut on Blu-ray, for the first time ever fans will be able to go behind-the-scenes to see exactly how the show was able to rise to the status it achieved.
The Season 1 set for the show, which showcases remastered episodes, will also include the first part in a series of featurettes titled “The Little House Phenomenon.” In the initial installment, “A Place in Television History,” several of those connected to the series discuss exactly what made it so special.
In a first look clip from “The Little House Phenomenon” above, a network executive, a producer and the son of series star Michael Landon tell the story of how the show went from being a book to debuting in primetime.
“Little House on the Prairie” Season 1 hits Blu-ray on Tuesday (March 25). In addition to the “Little House Phenomenon” featurette, the set includes high-definition picture and sound.