lori loughlin full house john stamos Lori Loughlin talks 'Full House' reunion movie, John Stamos crush

Finally, months later, Lori Loughlin is addressing the comments made by her former TV husband, John Stamos. Stamos said in an interview back in June that Loughlin “could be the one that got away,” which made “Full House” fans turn their heads. Unfortunately, it just never came to be.
When Loughlin was asked by E! News about Stamos’ admission, she answers, “Did he say that, really?” She follows that, adding, “Oh my goodness. Well, we’ll never know, right?” After all, she’s happily married these days.
As far as a “Full House” reunion movie, Lori makes it seem like it’s never going to happen. However, she says, “If it were a really good script and a great project but sometimes I think that it’s better off to leave those TV shows as they were and not do reunion shows.” After being off the air nearly 20 years, perhaps “Full House” is best left in memories and reruns.