urx unit loader 'Mad Men' Season 7: Don Draper's rise and fall in 113 seconds

The return of “Mad Men” to AMC is less than two months away, and to help fans ease back into the series, AMC has released a catch-up video it’s calling “Mad Men in Less Than 2 Minutes.”

The subject, naturally, is Don Draper (Jon Hamm), and the video tracks his professional and personal successes and failures — mostly failures on the “personal” side of the ledger — over the first six seasons, concluding with the collapse of both parts of his life at the end of Season 6. As with most things “Mad Men,” it’s well-done and stylish to the core.

One quibble, though: Arguably Don’s most famous line, “That’s what the money is for!,” is nowhere to be found here. Maybe if AMC follows up with a Peggy supercut?

“Mad Men” returns to AMC on Sunday, April 13.