Those who tuned into the commercial breaks during Sunday’s MTV Movie Awards may have seen what looked like a hijacked broadcast. It was actually a new TV spot for the upcoming “Man of Steel.” Instead of a trailer, as many films chose to air, Warner Bros. has a message from General Zod (Michael Shannon) to the citizens of Earth.
It was hard to make out a face through all of the static, but the demand is clear: Surrender Superman (Henry Cavill) to his custody. Zod also includes a message for Superman himself, Kal El. He can either turn himself in or watch as the world suffers the consequences.
Spliced in with the static are the world “You are not alone,” which can also be heard in the background as Zod speaks. This is the first new footage since the full trailer was released. A TV spot aired during the NCAA Finals, but contained no new footage.
“Man of Steel” will be in theaters July 14.