bruce davis charles manson family member up for parole cdc Manson follower parole decision up to California Governor Jerry Brown

Bruce Davis has been in jail over 40 years. He was convicted, along with cult leader Charles Manson, and another man, of killing a musician and a stuntman. Now, the Associated Press reports the Manson follower is up for parole, and while the parole board has stated it recommends Davis is suitable to be released, the decision has been given to California Governor Jerry Brown.
The last time Davis was up for parole, the recommendation was rejected by former governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. Davis was 30-years-old when convicted of the killings in 1972. He had previously maintained that he was simply a bystander in the crimes, but in recent years had admitted his responsibility.
During his time in prison, Davis has found religion, married a woman he met through a prison ministry, fathered a daughter, who is now grown, and was recently divorced. He’s also earned a doctorate in philosophy of religion.
While it’s possible Davis could be released, the same will likely never be said for Manson, who continues to be denied parole.