It’s been 11 years since “Bad Boys 2,” but the world still wants another installment of the Will Smith/Martin Lawrence action series. Luckily, it sounds like that’s becoming a reality.
Producer Jerry Bruckheimer told Zap2it in April that a writer had been brought onto the project and now Lawrence had updated the progress. During an appearance on “Conan” Wednesday (Aug. 13), he was asked about the movie.
“I just talked to Jerry yesterday,” Lawrence says. “He says it’s real, they’re working on the script and it’s close.” There’s still no time frame on when the movie would actually start filming.
However, Lawrence may have an idea about how to get Conan O’Brien into the project. “You know what you could play is a crooked cop on crack,” he jokes to the host. He’ll just have to clear that idea with Smith and Bruckheimer first, which O’Brien explains, “in show business that’s called a no.”