iron man new armor marvel ew Marvel gives Iron Man new armor to match Thor, Captain America changes

Marvel is changing yet another of their primary comic book superheroes. While the new look for Iron Man doesn’t make quite the impact of the changes being made to Captain America and Thor, it’s still significant.
Instead of his traditional red and yellow armor, Iron Man will have a new silver suit in “Superior Iron Man,” which launches in November and sends the character to San Francisco. The new suit was debuted by EW, after the reveals that a woman would take over the mantle of Thor and Marvel was introducing the first black “Captain America.”
The new heroes are all part of a larger whole in the “Avengers NOW!” initiative, which will see the launch of several new ongoing comic book series. How this all fits into the Marvel Cinematic Universe is still unknown. Things won’t be changing anytime soon, with “Avengers: Age of Ultron” set to release in 2015, the future is anyone’s guess.