maya rudolph pregnant gi Maya Rudolph pregnant with fourth child with Paul Thomas Anderson   report

Another wrinkle in the “Up All Night” saga, as congratulations go out to Maya Rudolph, who it seems is pregnant! THR reports the actress is expecting her fourth child with writer/director Paul Thomas Anderson. The show has been riddled with issues, with NBC reworking the series into a multi-camera sitcom, and Christina Applegate deciding to leave. The latest news came, when NBC announced the show’s multi-camera order was cut down to one episode.
Rudolph’s pregnancy, though, isn’t a problem at all for the show, should it get another season. After being informed of the pregnancy, writers decided to include it into the story. However, the show seems to be going down in flames, anyways. So, there might not be much of a story to write.
Rudolph and Anderson already have three children together, daughters Pearl Minnie and Lucille, and son Jack.