mcdonalds late night mcmuffin 1 McDonald's late night menu adds Egg McMuffin, other breakfast itemsIf you love McDonald’s breakfast but feel scorned by the odd time constraints they place on the menu, then things just got a bit easier. After trying it out in test markets, the company is going to let participating 24-hour restaurants offer breakfast items as part of the late-night menu.

The restaurants will still offer regular menu items as well. So if you’ve been waiting for the chance to pair a Sausage McMuffin with french fries and a Diet Coke, then late-night is right time to hit the Golden Arches.
“Our customers want convenience around the clock,” the company said in a statement. Someone should inform them that “around the clock” includes an afternoon and evening as well.
The company is currently rolling out the new late-night menu in certain U.S. markets. Parts of Delaware and Texas, along with Southern California, already offer the breakfast items. Surely it won’t be too long before Burger King takes this idea too.