tvpartyw124.jpgIf you’ve never lived in a community of elegant apartments surrounding a pool, we recommend it fully. Life is calm, relationships run smoothly, and it’s fairly rare that there’s an attempt on your life or a bomb is planted in your neighbor’s kitchen. Yep, life is good at Melrose Place, airing Tuesdays on The CW. Oh to be 20-something and have a job. And friends. And a place to live. At this stage in American history, any of those things alone would be worth celebrating, but when you’ve got them all and Heather Locklear – you better throw yourself a party!

Setting the scene:
Construction costs for an apartment complex turned out to be prohibitive for our little soiree, so we have decided to re-create the pool/courtyard area on a frugal budget. With that said, the first thing you’ll need is a low-end plastic kiddie pool for the middle of your living room. Add water. Next you’ll need to re-create the rest of the trendy Melrose area by adding faux potted palms of various sizes around the pool. Grab a few small outdoor bistro tables, some outdoor umbrellas, some lounge chairs, beach towels and a minibar. Be sure to light the room for ultradramatic shadowing. Grab a few park-style lamppost lanterns, and tuck them near the “apartment” doorways. Check out the complex’s Web site for inspiration. Have a few breakaway bottles for when the party gets out of hand and confrontations take place (and they’d better).

Tank tops, tunics, premium denim and a smug look tinged with a side of angst. If you still don’t feel like having an affair with the person upstairs, try ordering a few items from the show’s style department.

On the menu:
California cuisine tends to take good food and mess it up by making it healthier. Choose any menu you’d like, then add apricots, honeyed walnuts, goat cheese, tofu and sprouts. Wash it down with a nice Napa Valley vino.

On the hi-fi:
Music supervisor Liza Richardson does a great job selecting tunes that fit the vibe of Melrose, so head to the show’s Web site, click on the music link, pick some specific episodes and download whatever floats your boat.

The showstopper:
Trying to get Heather Locklear to come to your party is like asking the pope to officiate at your wedding – she’s just too big. But this version of Melrose Place introduced us to the acting chops of superstar Ashlee Simpson-Wentz. Though the show’s producers did not find her a particularly gifted thespian, she is available for private and corporate events. Call the Grabow management agency at 972-250-1162 to check on her availability!