urx unit loader Miley Cyrus curses at 'fan,' explains her actions via Twitter
miley liam 320 180 Miley Cyrus curses at 'fan,' explains her actions via TwitterMiley Cyrus is trying to enjoy her vacation — and seeing as she’s hanging out with her boyfriend Liam Hemsworth and his hunky bro Chris, that shouldn’t be too hard. But an uncomfortable incident with a fan took a bad turn when the fan got aggressive.

Miley took a few pictures with fans when her helicopter landed in Costa Rica, but when she explained that she had to leave the area, the fan called her an “a**hole”! Not cool. Miley turned around, clearly perturbed, and said, “What the f***? Are you for real? We’re on vacation!”

Miley wanted to clarify the incident, because video hit the web. “Been trying not to tweet & just enjoy the holidays but just to clear
something up I would NEVER swear to a fan. When someone yells something SO rude making ME look like an ‘a**hole’ in front of fans who I am more
than happy 2 take a picture w/ i cant tolerate that kind of rudeness,” she wrote. “Every1 who was there apologized 4 the womans brusque behavior. She
obviously wasnt a fan. Hope every1 has a Merry Christmas! LOVE 2 ALL!”

We gotta say, after watching the video — we’re Team Miley on this one! (Muffled harsh language on this one.)