miley cyrus twerk unicorn onesie twitter Miley Cyrus explains unicorn onesie twerking video: 'It's a lot of booty'

When a video of Miley Cyrus popped up online, featuring the singer in a unicorn onesie, doing a bizarre dance, there was one question on everyone’s mind: “Why?” Now, you know the answer. In an interview with Ryan Seacrest, Miley explains twerking as a dance with “a lot of booty.”
Cyrus says that regardless of the criticism she receives, you can’t take twerking away from her. “Alright, I can’t sing, I can’t act, I’m dumb, I’m a hilbilly, but I can twerk so whatever,” she says to the haters. Miley says nearly all of the comments she’s received for her dancing have been positive.
As for how the video came about, Cyrus says she had a photo shoot earlier in the day, and happened to be around the set with her onesie after the fact. She even had an excuse for the onesie, saying, “I didn’t really want to get dressed because I was just going to get dressed at the photo shoot anyway, so I wore the unicorn onesie.” When Miley and a friend were the only people left in the room, she took advantage of the lighting and backdrop, and just started dancing. Her friend recorded the video with a phone, and the rest is internet video history.

Check out the interview below: