sora chong miss universe Miss Universe 2011: Korea's Sora Chong thinks she saw a UFO, defends goofy national costume“I think I’ve seen a UFO before; I’m not really sure because I was little. But I really do believe in aliens. I mean, E.T. has to be based on something.”

So says 20-year-old Miss Universe Korea contestant, Sora Chong in a video interview taped last week where she manages to be both charming and silly while answering general interest questions. For example, what kind of animal would she like to be …

“I’ve lived life as a human, really complex and, stuff so I think I would want to live life completely simple and be an oyster,” Chong says. Note though her first choice is to be an elephant.

Currently in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Chong has also been actively tweeting and Twitpic-ing her experience while defending her rather ridiculous national costume (“I loved my national costume. End of story.”), revealing that Miss Philippines and Miss New Zealand are her favorite fellow contestants and boasting that she designed her own swimsuit.

The 2011 Miss Universe pageant airs Monday, Sept. 12 on NBC.