“Modern Family” star Sofia Vergara visited “Chelsea Lately” Wednesday night (Oct. 9), where she forgot a few things before coming otu on stage, as host Chelsea Handler wonders where her engagement ring is.

“Oh my god, everybody’s fired! My assistant, my publicist — they let me out with no jewelry! I have never done this. Do I have underwear on?!” laughs Vergara.
“I have never done anything without jewelry, I feel naked!”

The conversation is sparked because Vergara has been engaged to her boyfriend Nick Loeb for nearly a year, which Handler says is a long time. Vergara says that in Latin American countries, getting engaged is just another stage in your love life, not time to start planning the wedding right away — “It doesn’t mean immediately let’s call the flower place,” says Vergara.

She also talks about her love of the monokini for a “woman of her age,” which is 41.

“I like monokinis, I think they’re sexy. ‘Cause now at our age, I don’t get that comfortable wearing you know the normal G-string, so now the monokini you’re still sexy but you’re covered up a little bit, you know,” says Vergara.

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