Neil Patrick Harris couldn’t jump right into the Broadway production of “Hedwig” as soon as he was done shooting “How I Met Your Mother.” There were preparations to be made, one of which was a rather extreme diet for the actor.
During an appearance on “Good Morning America,” Harris reveals he dropped quite a bit of weight for the role. “I’ve lost 20 pounds almost, to try to be more feminine, which has changed my posture.”
Harris continues, “I’m becoming Jared Leto manorexic because every time I eat half a sandwich, I’ll eat one chip and be like, ‘Oh my God, what have I done?'” He joins a growing number of actors who lose dramatic amounts of weight for a part, including Leto who got frighteningly thin for “Dallas Buyers Club.”
At least Harris is able to stay optimistic about it, as he looks genuinely happy to be part of the show.