Before he was a star in the NFL, as wide receiver for the Denver Broncoes, Wes Welker was just another guy trying to make a mark on his high school. Welker recently admitted to donning a wig, skirt and sports bra to lip-sync a Britney Spears song for a high school pep rally. He joked that he’d payed off the person who had a video of the performance and that it would never see the light of day.
It seems like he didn’t pay enough though, because the video has arrived and it’s pretty great. Welker dances around to Spears’ song “Crazy” in the clip, which aired on a local news station in his hometown of Oklahoma City, Ok.
He’s definitely got some smooth moves, at least when it’s to the tune of a pop song. One of his teachers even says that before he became Britney, Welker acted as a backup danger in a Christina Aguilera performance.