oksana grigorieva sues lawyers over mel gibson settlement gi Oksana Grigorieva sues lawyers over Mel Gibson settlementOksana Grigorieva sure loves taking people to court. She’s at it again, this time without a lawyer. The reason for that is simple, she’s suing her lawyers.

TMZ reports Oksana isn’t thrilled with the 2011 settlement she got from Mel Gibson, whom she has a daughter with. As part of the settlement she got a cash payout of $750 thousand as well as a house until their daughter turns 18.

It seems the settlement also stipulated that Oksana can’t go after more money for the kid without jeopardizing what she’s already received. She blames her lawyers for advising her to accept a bad deal, along with having her sign a document that takes away her ownership rights to the house.

Oksana is seeking unspecified damages and, at this point, she’s representing herself in the case, which certainly seems like the sane thing to do.