partners reaction poll fx 1 'Partners': Will you keep watching Kelsey Grammer and Martin Lawrence's FX comedy?The first two episodes of FX’s legal comedy “Partners” have premiered, teaming Kelsey Grammer and Martin Lawrence as two very different lawyers who are forced to work together. Grammer’s Allen Braddock is less interested in morals as he is winning, while Lawrence’s Marcus Jackson is driven by ethics and loves his community.

Both men are down on their luck, as Braddock is fired from the family law firm, while Jackson is going through a nasty divorce. Now they just have to find some sort of common ground. “Partners” marks Lawrence’s first series since “Martin” ended in 1997. Grammer, most known for playing Frasier Crane on “Cheers” and “Frasier” was most starred on “Boss,” which ended in 2012. 
Now that you’ve seen “Partners,” the question must be asked: Will you come back next week for more? Share your opinion in the poll below.