denzel washington pauletta washington 2 guns premiere gi Pauletta Washington rejected Denzel Washington's marriage proposals twice

It seems the third time was definitely the charm for Denzel Washington. His wife of thirty years, Pauletta Washington, got three marriage proposals before she finally yes.
While attending the “2 Guns” premiere, Pauletta tells “Access Hollywood” that she turned Denzel down the first two times he popped the question. “Twice,” Denzel counters, “It was three times?” Pauletta jokes with her husband, “It was three times. I know with age sometimes things [go], the mind.”
“You heard it here first,” Denzel announces, “She turned me down, she said no. And since it was three times, that means she turned me down twice.” Luckily for Denzel, her answer changed the third time.
Recently, rumors have circulated that the couple are headed to divorce, with decade old allegations of Denzel having an affair with a co-star resurfacing. Of course, there has been no evidence to prove any of it.