Pee-Wee Herman (real name Paul Reubens) was a guest judge on “Top Chef: Texas” Wednesday night (Feb. 1). The quick-fire challenge involved the cheftestants making pancakes for Pee-Wee – hilariously, they thought the guest judge was going to be a kid or something. But no. It was Pee-Wee.

The cheftestants were then charged with creating a meal, bicycling it over to the Alamo (as one does) and then re-plating it and serving it to Pee-Wee and the judges. Check out these videos from the show. Did you find it fun? Or ridiculous?

We did see one funny quip on Twitter about it – why doesn’t “Top Chef” have the contestants cooking while riding their bicycles over a shark.

“Top Chef” airs Wednesday nights on Bravo.