minka kelly leighton meester pcas 2010 gi People's Choice Awards 2011: Minka Kelly, Leighton Meester double troubleOne of our not-so-secret pleasures during awards season is seeing who the photo agencies misidentify in their race to get red carpet photos uploaded and out to the eagerly awaiting media outlets. Last year’s best one was “Castle’s” Stana Katic being tagged as Misha Barton at the SAG Awards.

But on Wednesday (Jan. 5) night when several pictures popped up in the feed captioned “Leighton Meester” that were actually “Minka Kelly” we did a double take as well. It didn’t look quite right but depending on the lighting we thought that might be Leighton.

The mistake was quickly rectified and when photographed side-by-side they obviously don’t look that similar at all. Still, it’s a great endorsement for the casting director of Minka and Leighton’s upcoming movie “The Roommate” where Leighton pulls a Single White Female on her college roommate. Too bad they couldn’t work Rachel Bilson into the mix.