Yet another scathingly funny Sarah Palin spoof was aired on "Saturday Night Live."

This time, Amy Poehler was cast as the pursed-lip, humorless Katie Couric, staring in stunned wonderment at Tina Fey’s impersonation of an idiotically dim Sarah Palin, as she babbles like a beauty queen about her visit to New York, seeing Osama bin Laden, meeting with foreign leaders, going into Afghanistan, and explains her close relationship with Russia.

If you missed it (Set your Tivos; I’m betting this is going to be a regular "SNL" feature until the election), you can watch the clip here.

What do you think? Is it: A) Hilarious, B) Sad, C) Frighteningly real, or D) Just too much.

Did "SNL" go too far with their Palin poking? Or should they keep it up? What do you think?

Most important, does it affect your vote?

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