Lily Allen looked pretty in a hot pink wig (or is it real?) arriving at the Glamour Women of the Year party in London this week. But after the "Smile" singer won the Editor’s Special Award at the posh awards show, things went downhill fast.

Whatever happened caused her to blog this apology and an embarrassing photo of herself on her own MySpace page:

"Last time i wrote here , I was defending my honor and dignity , explaining my innocence and also outrage at the press for insinuating my behaviour was embarrassing. This time i’m putting my hands up , i got very drunk last night , too drunk. It’s not cool getting that drunk , i feel awful and I have to thank my little brother alf for getting me home safely. Kids , drink responsibly or you’ll end up looking like this , not pretty! Was quite fun though , from what i can remember. need fry up now. "

But this seems to be a pattern (getting drunk and then blogging an apology) for the young singer who was pregnant but miscarried (which, considering her drinking, may have been a blessing) earlier this year.

Check out her MySpace blog when she announced why she had decided to cancel her May and June tour dates and instead went to Cannes, forgot underwear, boozed it up big time and hung out topless.

Click here for more info on zee French film festival scandale she caused.

Is there a rehab in Allen’s future? Hope so. It’s better than a coffin.

Photo: WireImage

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