VkQ1NTEyMzA3M19QcmV*dHlMaXR*bGVEaXJ*Jmc9MyZvPTJhMjY1NjZiMWVjMzQyMjlhMjllMTgzY2JjNTI4YWVjJm9mPTA= 'Pretty Little Liars' EP: Shirtless Ezra, new character with 'A' knowledge in Season 2

For Earth Day, the “Pretty Little Liars” folks sent out another one of their special packages – a box of dirt, gloves and a spade, with a note that read, “Shovels and gloves go together like secrets and lies. What will you dig up. Happy Earth Day! – A.”

Attached to the spade was a note with the site http://abcfamily.com/plantinglies on it. At that locale was the above video of executive producer Marlene King dishing some dirt, so to speak, about Season 2.

“Season 2 is going to bring to the Ezria fans a shirtless Ezra Fitz,” says King. “There’s a new character coming to Rosewood, a character who may discover the identity of ‘A’ and the season finale is going to be like nothing you’ve ever seen on the show. During that episode ‘A’ is going to bring the Pretty Little Liars to their knees.”

We can hardly wait!