Zz*zJm89YjA3Y2M3OTA3Y2MwNGY2ZmJmZTdkMWJmODA2YTEzYjcmcz16YXAyaXQuY29tJm9mPTA= 'Pretty Little Liars' return sneak peek: An ambulance, a mysterious figure

Remember the Halloween treat we got in the mail from “Pretty Little Liars”? It turned out to be a sneak peek trailer from when the show returns in January from its midseason hiatus.

Hanna is loaded into the ambulance while the other Liars look on. Mona seems to be lurking off in the forest, so was she the mysterious figure writing “I see you” on Ezra’s car? Or is it the blurry figure Aria sees who suddenly disappears? Who do you think that was?

“Pretty Little Liars” comes back Monday, Jan 3 on ABC Family. We can’t wait!

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