prince dave chappelle breakfast can wait Prince teases 'Breakfast Can Wait' with Dave Chappelle cover art   Listen

Who says Prince doesn’t have a sense of humor? His royal badness has been tweeting up a storm since launching his own Twitter account on August 13. The biggest news thus far came Friday (August 16) when the singer posted a tease for his new song, “Breakfast Can Wait,” along with some interesting cover art.
The cover features Dave Chappelle dressed as Prince from an infamous “Chappelle’s SHow” sketch that spends quite a bit of time mocking the singer. Of course, since the song is called “Breakfast Can Wait,” Chappelle’s Prince is holding a plate of pancakes.
Showing he’s in on the joke, or at least pretending to be, Prince tweeted the image with the message, “Game: Blouses,” a line Chappelle’s portrayal of the singer used during a game of basketball.
Check out a small clip of “Breakfast Can Wait” below: