psych 100 clues timothy omundson 'Psych's' 100th episode a 'tour de force,' says star Timothy OmundsonThe 100th episode of “Psych” is nearly here, “Psych”-Os. Star Timothy Omundson teases for Zap2it what viewers can look forward to in the episode, which he says filming was like being “a kid in a candy store.”

The plot of “100 Clues” sees Shawn invited to a dinner party at a mysterious mansion, Bella Rosa. Since Jules is tied up at work, Shawn invites Gus to attend with him. We had to ask Tim — do Lassiter and Jules get involved, too? He assures us that they do.

“Because of the hijinks, Lassiter and Jules are called to the house to solve the crime … or alleged crimes. They are very much involved,” says Omundson.

“That was … [pauses] we do a lot of surreal things and we have a lot of surreal experiences on our show as actors,” he continues. “But you look around at who you get to play with that week [for ‘100 Clues’] and that was a tour de force cast by our casting department.”

“It was just unreal,” he continues. “People I grew up watching. Every day was just — you’re a kid in a candy store. When you get to play with people like that on a level like that, there’s nothing better.”

He also assures viewers that you do not have to be a connoisseur of “Clue” to enjoy the 100th episode.

“I do not think anyone will be disappointed by the ‘Clue’ episode, whether you’ve seen the movie or not,” says Omundson. “It’s a cornucopia of the greatest guest stars. Certainly the greatest group of guest stars we’ve had in one episode.”

psych 100 clues guest stars 'Psych's' 100th episode a 'tour de force,' says star Timothy OmundsonHe speaks of “Clue” stars Lesley Ann Warren, Christopher Lloyd and Martin Mull, plus actors Steve Valentine and Garrett Morris. It really is a treat.

“Psych” airs Wednesday nights at 10 p.m. ET/PT on USA.