steven cabral ravenswood 'Ravenswood' casting: Steven Cabral as Raymond CollinsET Online has revealed another cast member of ABC Family’s “Pretty Little Liars” spinoff “Ravenswood,” which premieres in October as part of the annual PLL Halloween special.

Australian actor Steven Cabral has been cast as Raymond Collins, a “handsome but guarded member of Miranda Collins’ clan.”

The use of the word “clan” has us highly intrigued. It probably doesn’t mean witches, since that would be “coven,” but maybe werewolves? We do know that “Ravenswood” is going to be supernatural and based on the preview we got during last week’s “Liars,” it would not surprise us at all.

Miranda, incidentally, is “a feisty foster kid,” so we wonder just how Raymond and Miranda are related, since they have the same last name.

Any thoughts, “Ravenswood” fans?