ravenswood dillon miranda nicole gale anderson luke benward 'Ravenswood': Dillon 'has a connection to the past'Last night’s “Ravenswood” midseason finale threw viewers quite a curveball when it was revealed that Dillon is in cahoots with little girl Max — and they are possibly working for the devil himself. Star Nicole Gale Anderson dishes for Zap2it that Dillon (Luke Benward) will definitely play a big part in the back-half of Season 1.

“Everything with the Matheson family comes to a head [when we come back], especially in
episodes 8 and 9, revolving around their father’s death and Dillon the
boyfriend,” says Anderson. “There’s a lot of drama going on with that family. It gets
really, really juicy for them.”

“Dillon is actually a really cool character,” she continues. “He’s been the sweetest as can be boyfriend, but later on in the season, you’ll find out he has a connection to the past that completely takes Olivia off-guard.”


ABC Family has also released the episode description for “Ravenswood’s” midseason premiere and it includes: “Olivia makes a major decision about Dillon, without realizing his true motivations.”

Any guesses, “Ravenswood” fans?