Warning: The above video contains foul language
Rebel Wilson seems to make a splash wherever she goes. Who else would show up to an interview on “Conan” dressed as a chicken. “Usually I dress sultry for talk shows,” she joked to Conan O’Brien, “but today I thought I’d dress poultry.”
Of course, the costume led to her throwing out a couple chicken jokes, like “I’m a hot chick,” and something about laying eggs in a toilet.
She also talked about her gig hosting the “Teen Choice Awards” and how she got to met One Direction. Unfortunately, they didn’t know who she was. “I don’t think they’ve seen the hit movies ‘Pitch Perfect’ or ‘Bridesmaids.’ They were like, ‘Who is this desperate loser coming in?'” Still, Wilson was able to get a picture with the group and even made a dirty joke about them during the show.