vincent gray dc mayor redskins gi Redskins name change: D.C. mayor Vincent Gray wants it discussedIt seems to be a topic of discussion every few years, but now Vincent Gray, mayor of the District of Columbia, says there should be a discussion about changing the Washington Redskins’ name. 

The Washington Post reports that should the team want to move back into Washington, D.C. city limits, away from their current home in Virginia, a serious name change discussion would have to take place.

While Gray did not guarantee a name change was the only way for the team to come back to D.C., he did reference the land where a new stadium would be built was on federal land. It’s also the location of the team’s previous D.C. stadium.

This wouldn’t be the first time federally-owned land would be a problem for the Redskins. Team founder George Preston Marshall, an avowed racist, refused to sign a black player to his team until 1962. It took a federal ultimatum and the threat of losing the team’s stadium to get him to finally sign a black player, who immediately asked to be traded.

If a similar situation were to play out to bring the team home, a name change might be in store.