urx unit loader RiffTrax on National Geographic: Shrimp, bat and goose, 'Mystery Science Theater 3000' style

RiffTrax is taking over the National Geographic channel, and it’s looking to be kind of incredible. With Michael J. Nelson, Kevin Murphy and Bill Corbett providing a joke track to documentaries about shellfish, bats and birds, how could it not be?

The “Mystery Science Theater 3000”-style takeover begins at 8 p.m. ET on April 1 with “Killer Shrimp N’Friends.” “Demon Bat” follows at 9 p.m., and “Guy and a Goose” finishes off the RiffTrax marathon at 10 p.m.

While jokes and footage from the three full-length documentaries have not yet been released, you can get a sense of what’s to come in the koala video above.

WARNING: Koalas are horrible, disgusting, diseased creatures that are very much NSFW.