“Parks and Rec” star Rob Lowe set off a flurry of tweets on Wednesday (Jan. 18) when he tweeted about Peyton Manning retiring from the NFL. He appears on Thursday’s “Ellen DeGeneres Show” and comments about the Twitterstorm.

Ellen: “Now you tweeted out about Peyton Manning, maybe not continuing? He’s retiring, is that true? How do you know that?”
Rob: “I’m a huge, huge, huge, huge Peyton Manning fan and a huge, huge Colts fan. I tweet every week about sports. About, who they should fire. Who they should hire. I do, I’m like a regular guy who has his opinions and stuff.  So I was tweeting that I heard this might be in the offing and then you learn the power of Twitter. That’s a powerful, powerful medium.”
Ellen: “Yes, it is. People are saying, how do you know that and what’s going on?  And, how do you know that and what’s going on?”
Rob: “I hope, it is not true.  I hope against hope, it’s not true.”
Ellen: “Well, you have information obviously, right? Somebody told you?”
Rob: “Ellen, I could tell you but then I’d have to kill you.”
Ellen: “Don’t do it. I have a birthday coming up…”

Just for the record, here were some of our favorite tweets in response to the Lowe-gate:

SportsGuy33: “Today, Rob Lowe announced Peyton Manning’s retirement and Mark Wahlberg
announced he could have stopped 9/11. Your move, Liam Neeson.”

Ashley Burns: “Then again, we’re quick to forget that Mayim Bialik broke the story about Dan Marino’s retirement.”

Danger Guerrero: “FIRST THE MARK WAHLBERG 9/11 STORY AND NOW ROB LOWE HAS BREAKING NFL NEWS. I want to laminate today and keep it in a scrapbook.”

Adam Kramer: “I wish Wikipedia was up and running so I could update Rob Lowe’s biography to include SCOOP Wizard.”

Brent Harris: “Rob Lowe has Peyton Manning retiring today. Up next, Demi Moore on her
solution to fixing the BCS, and Andrew McCarthy talks NBA lockout.”

Drew Magary: “You know who could have prevented Rob Lowe from killing sports journalism? MARK WAHLBERG.”

Adam Jacobi: “BREAKING: Peyton Manning is joining Parks & Rec for Season 4”