roseanne barr kim kardashian kanye west twitter Roseanne Barr strikes Kim Kardashian pose: Kanye West, she's coming for you

Watch out, Kim Kardashian. Roseanne Barr, recently announced as one of the new judges of “Last Comic Standing,” is making a play for your man. Barr posted a photo to Twitter, reminiscent to many photos and selfies Kardashian has posted over the years.
This one comes with a message, though. “Hey #Kanye,” Barr writes.  
West and Kardashian are engaged, with an expected wedding in the summer. Does this throw a wrench into the works, though? Guys love a girl who can make them laugh, and Barr definitely fits the bill. Plus, at 61-years-old, she’s looking pretty good.
Chances are West couldn’t handle Barr, as she’s always been a bit of a loose cannon. Perhaps that’s exactly what he needs, though. He has yet to respond.