eva mendes ryan gosling blows up at photographer gi Ryan Gosling blows up at photographer who calls Eva Mendes 'baby'

A word to the wise: Don’t make eyes at Ryan Gosling’s girlfriend, Eva Mendes. While in New York promoting their new film, “The Place Beyond the Pines,” Friday, Gosling lost his temper with a photographer who had recently worked with Mendez, according to the New York Post.
When the photographer saw Mendes, he shouted “Hey baby.” That didn’t sit well with Gosling, who reportedly lost his cool. An eyewitness says he got in the photographer’s face, asking, “Who are you calling ‘baby?'” Mendes got between the two to diffuse the situation, before it got out of hand. When all was said and done, the eyewitness says, “Ryan made nice and shook the guy’s hand.”
Gosling and Mendes have been dating since September 2011, but still try to keep it under wraps. They attended a party celebrating the movie separately, with Gosling taking his mom as a date. A source says they didn’t interact at all while at the party.