ryan leaf mug shot Ryan Leaf prison bound: quarterback kicked out of rehabFormer San Diego Chargers quarterback Ryan Leaf has been kicked out of a drug treatment center and moved to a Montana state prison. The Associated Press reports Leaf was moved after threatening a treatment center staff member, along with having other behavioral problems.

Leaf was sentenced to five years, with nine months in rehab given as an alternative, after he was charged with breaking into two different houses to steal prescription painkillers, near his hometown of Great Falls, in spring 2012. Leaf received the sentence after pleading guilty to lesser charges, and said he was looking forward to his treatment.

Now he’s blown that opportunity. Dawn Handa, Great Falls regional probation and parole administrator, said in a statement that Leaf will serve his sentence in Deer Lodge prison.

Leaf was the number 2 pick in the 1998 NFL Draft, but failed to live up to expectations and was out of the league four years later.