sarah jessica parker role cut lovelace Sarah Jessica Parker's role cut from 'Lovelace'Sarah Jessica Parker was a late addition to “Lovelace,” the drama about porn star Linda Lovelace, who starred in X-rated “Deep Throat” in the 1970s. Parker was a replacement for Demi Moore, who had to drop out of the project at the last minute. Parker stepped into the role of feminist icon Gloria Steinem, but her role has been left on the cutting room floor, reports EW.

Directors Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman tell the magazine that it just turned out they didn’t need the character. The script originally ended in 1984, when Lovelace had become an anti-porn crusader alongside Steinem. But now the movie ends in 1980, which was before Lovelace knew Steinem.

There’s also a chance that the coda of the film could be included on a DVD release, but the filmmakers aren’t looking that far ahead yet. “Lovelace” makes it premiere at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival on Tuesday, Jan. 22.