columbus short restraining order gi 'Scandal's' Columbus Short: Wife alleges murder suicide threat

Weeks after turning himself in on an arrest warrant stemming from an early March bar fight, “Scandal” star Columbus Short is facing more legal issues.
TMZ reports that Short’s wife, Tuere Short, has filed for divorce and gotten a restraining order against him. She alleges he held a knife to her throat on April 7, threatening to kill both her and himself. She also claims he threatened to stab her in the leg if she lied to him about an affair he believes she was having. When she tried to escape, he slashed her tires.
Under the terms of the restraining order, Short must move out of the couple’s home, which he did Wednesday (April 16). Short is also facing a charge of felony aggravated battery for the bar fight and another for spousal battery after an altercation with his wife in February.