sean diddy combs kimy kimmel live Sean 'Diddy' Combs admits to drinking before 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' appearance

It was an exciting night for Sean “Diddy” Combs Wednesday (October 23), as he appeared on “Jimmy Kimmel Live.” Luckily, he was ready for the interview after hitting a bar up the street for some drinks, before heading over to talk to Kimmel on the show.
Right off the bat, Diddy ran onto stage, waving his arms around at the audience. When Kimmel started the interview off light, asking Combs who he wanted to win the World Series, the rapper admits, “Jimmy, I just came from the bar down the street and you’re asking me too many questions.”
It was all in good fun though, as it seems Diddy is a happy drinker. He talked about his dream of being the first African American NFL team owner, his new TV network and even Kimmel’s Feud with Kanye West. It seems Diddy was Team Kanye in the whole debacle. Luckily there are no hard feelings for his loyalties.