shanna moakler breastfeeding incestual gross Shanna Moakler: Breastfeeding is 'incestual, it's gross'   but she totally supports itShanna Moakler, a former beauty queen, model and actress, recently had some interesting things to say about breastfeeding.

In a video, Moakler tells TMZ that she didn’t breastfeed — she wanted to save her breasts because she’s “selfish.” Moakler has a daughter, Atiana, with boxer Oscar de la Hoya, and two children, son Landon, and daughter Alabama, with Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker.

Moakler goes on to say, “I just look at my breasts as, like, sexual. I think it’s, like, incestual, it’s gross, I don’t like it. I don’t like it, I couldn’t do it.”

But as she scampers away, Moakler shouts, “But I totally support it, I think it’s like awesome.”

Two things —

We have no idea why TMZ was asking Moakler about breastfeeding, while following her in what appears to be a parking garage.

We also didn’t know “incestual” was a word.