urx unit loader Shannen Doherty joins esteemed sorority of Education Connection pitch women

Oh, Brenda Walsh, what have you done?

We have no issues with actors signing on for commercials, but we do expect a little discrimination in the brands they choose to endorse. And “90210” vet Shannen Doherty just signed on with one of the cheesiest late-night commercial series in recent memory.

Education Connection, best known for ads featuring white girls rapping and espousing the glory of going to school in pajamas, recently signed Doherty as a spokeswoman, and her first spots have arrived.

Apparently, the 40-year-old actually used the service herself. “I’m actually getting my degree in Liberal Arts,” she opens. “Online!”

The commercial then cuts to Doherty in animated scenarios as an executive, a chef, a nurse, a detective and a… flapper girl. You know, college stuff!

It’s fantastically horrible, but we’re already holding our breath for the follow up when she breaks into song…