sigourney-weaver-wore-dress-backward-SAG.jpgSigourney Weaver made quite a few Worst Dressed lists at the 2013 Screen Actors Guild Awards. And now some sites are reporting she actually wore her dress backward — but we don’t think she did.

Style writers originally thought she had on the Lanvin dress pictured above, right, but that she had turned the top part around (or perhaps had it customized to put the V in the back instead of the front). But we don’t think those two dresses are the same.

As you can see below, it doesn’t appear that there is a v-plunge in the back of her dress. And Styleite found the red dress pictured below that appears to be what Weaver actually wore, except in black.

The dress is still kind of questionable, but at least it’s not on backwards, right?